April 2024

April 2024 has been a fantastic month for crappie fishing on Kentucky Lake. The water temperature has been consistently hovering around 60 – 65 degrees Fahrenheit, which resulted in an active and successful spawning period for crappie.

Many anglers reported catching crappie in large numbers around the Blood River and Jonathan Creek areas. Fish were found at depths between 6 to 15 feet, primarily near submerged timber and brush piles, with live minnows and jigs proving to be the most productive bait options.

The average size of black crappies caught this month was about 11 to 13 inches, though there were several reports of anglers landing some slabs that measured 15 inches and above. White crappies, on the other hand, were slightly smaller on average, with majority falling in the 10 to 12-inch range.

Peak fishing times have been during the early morning and late afternoon, although crappie have been quite active throughout the day. Using electronics, anglers have been able to locate schools of crappie and target them effectively.

The lake levels have been slightly above summer pool, which is unusual for this time of year, but it has not affected the crappie bite. In fact, it seems to have attracted crappie closer to the shores, making it even more accessible for bank and dock fishing.

Conservation efforts by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources seem to be paying off, as the crappie population is healthy and thriving. Anglers are reminded to follow the daily creel limit of 20 per angler with no more than 20 fish measuring over 10 inches.

Overall, April 2024 has been an excellent month for crappie fishing on Kentucky Lake. The abundance and size of crappie have delighted both beginner and seasoned anglers alike. As we move into May, we expect the action to continue, with crappie transitioning to their post-spawn patterns.

March 2024

Fishing Report: March 2024, Kentucky Lake

The month of March has always been an excellent time for crappie fishing at Kentucky Lake and this year was no exception. The water temperatures have been gradually rising from the mid 40s at the beginning of the month to the mid 50s by the end of March, creating an ideal environment for crappie to start moving towards the shallower areas for prespawn.

The black crappie have been especially active this month, with most catches ranging from 10 to 11 inches, though a few lucky anglers have reported getting hold of some slabs exceeding 13 inches. The white crappie, while not as abundant, have been impressive in size, with average catches of around 10 inches and some reaching up to 14 inches in length.

Productive baits this month have included soft plastics in chartreuse and white colors, as well as live minnows. The crappie are hitting well on baits suspended around 2 to 6 feet deep near brush piles, fallen timber and man-made attractors. The fish seem to be favoring the mid-lake areas, and the creek mouths have also been very productive during the early morning and late afternoon hours.

The tailwater areas below Kentucky Dam have also been producing some sizable crappie, especially for those willing to brave the stronger current. Anglers using heavier jigs coupled with minnows have reported some success in these areas.

As for the tournament scene, the Crappie USA Super Event that took place on the 23rd and 24th of March saw some significant catches, with the winning team reporting a two-day total weight of over 20 pounds.

Despite the occasional rainy weather and fluctuating water levels, overall, crappie fishing in March 2024 at Kentucky Lake has been productive and rewarding. As we head into April, expect the crappie to continue their move into the shallows as they begin to spawn, offering more exciting opportunities for anglers.

February 2024

Exceptional Crappie Fishing on KY Lake, February 2024. The crappie fishing on Kentucky Lake, February 2024, exceeded expectations, yielding an abundance of both white and black crappie. The beginning of the month was frosty, yet it did not deter the crappie from biting, setting the stage for a fruitful fishing season. Veteran anglers and novices alike were pleasantly surprised by the activity and the size of the crappie caught. We spotted crappie in deeper waters away from the shore, usually around 12 to 15 feet deep. Using an array of jigs and minnows proved successful in attracting the fish. The weather conditions in the latter half of February were more conducive to fishing, with the days getting warmer, leading to more crappie activity near the surface. Black crappie were the most active during the early morning and late afternoon, while white crappie were more active during the day, especially on warmer, sunnier days. Anglers reported an average catch size of about 12 inches, with several instances of prize-winning 15-inch crappie being caught. In summary, February 2024 in KY Lake was a delight for crappie fishing. The thriving crappie population, combined with favorable weather conditions and competent guiding services, presented an unforgettable fishing experience. This month’s success bodes well for the upcoming spring season, and we are looking forward to more exceptional experiences at KY Lake!

January 2024

It’s the start of the year, and despite the cold winter chill, fishing enthusiasts are in for a treat during January on KY Lake. The crappie fishing scene during the winter is often undervalued, but in reality, it’s an exciting time for anglers who know how to brave the cold weather. The crappie bite in early January started slowly due to the sudden drop in temperatures. However, as the month progressed, the action has significantly picked up. Anglers targeting deeper waters have reported success, especially around the structure and deeper creek channels. Water temperatures have fluctuated around the low 40s. Despite the chill, crappie have been biting, mostly in the 15 to 25-foot depth range. Concentrations of fish have been found around brush piles and other structures such as submerged timber and rock piles. The use of electronics has been critical in locating schools of winter crappie. Anglers are relying on sonar units to find the baitfish and crappie in deeper waters. Fish tend to congregate in these areas during the colder months to feed. For bait, jigs have been the most effective. Brightly colored jigs, such as chartreuse and pink, have been producing the best results. Live minnows are also useful for tempting the crappie into biting, especially when fished slowly. Most crappie caught have been in the 10-12 inch range, with a few larger ones up to 15 inches. While the numbers are comparatively low to the spring or fall, the quality of the fish caught has been outstanding, with many slab-sized catches reported. Weather conditions have varied, with some days being clear and sunny, while others have been overcast with occasional snow. Always remember to dress warm and in layers when venturing out on the lake in the winter months. Overall, crappie fishing has been productive for those willing to brave the cold at KY Lake in January. As long as the cold fronts don’t hit too hard and the wind stays mild, the fishing scenario looks promising for the rest of the month.

Sept – Nov 2023

Fishing Report: Crappie Fishing on KY Lake – Fall Last fall, KY Lake proved once again to be a prime spot for crappie anglers. The season started off with a bit of unpredictability due to fluctuating weather patterns, however, it quickly picked up towards the end of September and early October. The crappie action was fairly consistent during the early fall, particularly in the vicinity of Jonathan Creek and Blood River. Most anglers reported catching an ample amount of black and white crappie around the 10 to 12-inch range. The fish were mainly found at depths of 10-20 feet, particularly near structure like brush piles and standing timber. The use of live minnows and tube jigs seemed to be the most effective bait. Anglers who tried trolling with crankbaits also reported a reasonable success rate, especially during the late afternoon hours. Towards mid-fall, as water temperatures dropped, crappie started moving towards deeper water and those who followed the pattern were rewarded. Fishermen along the main lake ledges and deep creek channels, particularly in the vicinity of Big Sandy River, reported catching larger crappies. By late fall, crappie were found in depths up to 25-30 feet. The bite was generally slower but the size of the fish caught was significantly larger, with many over the 12-inch mark and some even reaching 15-inches. Overall, the crappie fishing on KY Lake during last fall was productive with both quantity and quality fish. Anglers who adjusted their techniques and followed the fish as they moved to deeper waters reported more success. Looking ahead, if the weather patterns remain consistent, we can expect another promising season of crappie fishing this fall on KY Lake. Be sure to check local regulations before hitting the water and enjoy the fantastic fishing KY Lake has to offer.

Mar – May 2023

Crappie Fishing Report for Kentucky Lake, March – May 2023 Overall, Kentucky Lake proved once again to be a hotspot for Crappie fishing during Spring 2023, with optimum water conditions and abundant catches reported throughout March, April, and May. March 2023: As the water temperature gradually warmed from the winter chill, crappie became more active. Many anglers reported successful outings particularly near Jonathan Creek and Fenton areas, with the use of minnows and jigs. Both Black Crappie and White Crappie were caught in good numbers, with the average weight being around 1-1.5 lbs. The most productive fishing depth was between 10-15 feet. April 2023: By April, the crappie were spawning, which significantly improved the fishing conditions. Anglers reported the biggest catches near the Blood River and Big Sandy River, with some crappies weighing up to 2 lbs. Fishing near submerged structures and shallow vegetation in the depth of 5-10 feet proved most effective. Pink and chartreuse jigs were the most successful baits during this month. May 2023: In May, post-spawn crappie fishing was booming. Anglers reported high catch rates in the early mornings and late afternoons. Areas near the Paris Landing State Park and the bays along the Tennessee River yielded the best results. Both spider rigging and casting jigs methods were popular and effective as crappie were found in depths of 10-20 feet. The average size remained consistent with the previous months, with the largest Crappie reported weighing in at 2.5 lbs. Overall, the spring of 2023 provided excellent conditions for crappie fishing at Kentucky Lake. Weather conditions remained ideal, with only a few days of heavy rainfall in late April that slightly disrupted fishing activities. The lake’s crappie population continues to thrive, promising another successful season for anglers in 2024.

Aug – Nov 2022

July 4 -Aug 1 2022

June 15-July 4 2022

June 1-15 2022

In the first part of June, our team noticed what we were looking forward to!  Big groups of crappie coming back to the mats.  The fish finally got out of the post-spawn blues and got back to where we as LS’ers can really catch up.  The mats are made up of mostly keepers or a bunch of “little goons” protecting just a couple of keepers on that mat.   The key is to move quickly and decide with confidence whether it’s worth spending time on that particular mat.  I pulled up to a run of mats and caught one nice 1# crappie on the first pitch and then spent 2 hours trying to catch another keeper.  The rest of the run was filled with fish but they just would not bite.  That was another lesson learned.  Luckily, nowadays, we can fully admit when we make a mistake and move on.  It’s obvious on the screen…  The next area we fished was just 1 mile away but that run of fish was so much more cooperative.  My favorite part about this time of the year is that on Mon-Fri there are virtually zero boats out.  Every fish my clients catch I say “Can’t catch em’ in the summer” and we all have a laugh.  The summer is the most overlooked time period to go get a KY Lake limit of crappie!

May 2022

My word’s to sum up May would be tough, challenging, overrated, fish scattered everywhere. Yes, we had some great days fishing but it’s a real challenge to consistently stay on fish during the peak spawn. Some great news is that this is the fourth year in a row that we have had a spawn without any big spikes in the lake levels. The full moon provided an outstanding bream bite with a bobber and cricket.

April 19 2022

Lake water is almost 361 just a couple feet above summer pool. Water temps started out around 56 and ended up 62 where we found active fish. It was a slow go up until 11 AM, we only had one fish in the cooler. We made a move from deeper water to 12′ of water and found some active fish. We had 4 hours of absolute bliss! This is what we all look forward to. I believe that everything is just looking better for the next 10 day forecast. We are still catching them with a single pole utilizing Garmin Livescope . Give us a call at 615-306-7002 if you would like to book a trip.

April 5 2022

Lake water levels are still on a slow and steady rise. We are currently at 355.60. We had a couple of guided trips today and yesterday. Fish are still not concentrated on one particular area. Covering as much water as we could was my key to putting together 15 keepers. I am still using livescope and noticing 1 out of 5 beds with keeper fish and not a ton of keepers on them. Most every “Big Fish” over 2 lbs I see gives us one or two casts into the bed and then gone! Chase em’ or go to the next bed is your choice when livescoping. The forecast looks like steady weather is coming soon and we are all looking forward to more steady fishing with consistent results.

April 2 2022

Pre-Spawn is what’s going on now. The fish are literally everywhere and not concentrated in any particular areas. Water temps are now from 52-57. We have spoken to multiple fishing guides that are just south of us at Pickwick Lake. They are noticing a big difference from last week. Guide Chase Petty with https://chasepettyoutdoors.com/ told me this afternoon after the https://www.facebook.com/westtncrappietrail/ fishing is about to be “On Like Donkey Kong” down south. This is great news for us here at KY Lake. We have had some good days, but not many “limit days”. We should start seeing limit days very soon!

Kentucky Lake 2022 Outlook

It’s been 50 days since duck season at WillowTail has come to a pause for us. We have seen some up and down weather here on KY Lake. We have had some good days lately catching crappie with Livescope and single poling. We have also had some slow days. I hope you can come to visit this fishing report in the future for an honest, straight forward, this is what’s happening period. Please let us know how we can improve our crappie fishing reports for you in the future. Some of our guided trips this time of year focus on primarily on people wanting to get better and more efficient at Livescope. This is where we strive to help you out and can customize a day with couple different guides and setups to show you multiple different ways. Here is a few take aways from the first 50 days of this 2022 crappie fishing season.

  • 12′ and deeper
  • Find active feeding fish (They can be literally 1 mile from where you have been fishing)
  • Avoid areas where ALL the boats are….
  • Blue Silver or Bright Colors coin flip (Be better at and focus more on presentation rather than worry about colors)

Crappie Fishing Report – KY Lake, January 2024 The crappie fishing season has officially kicked off on the KY Lake with some promising results. Anglers have reported moderate success in the early stages of this winter season, despite the sometimes rough weather conditions. The average catch size has been good, with most crappies weighing between 1.5 to 2 pounds, however, there have been notable exemptions with a number of crappies exceeding 3 pounds being caught – a promising sign of what’s to come in the following months. The lake’s water levels are currently above average due to the heavy rainfalls in late December, which has caused crappies to disperse more widely across the lake. This has made locating the fish a bit more challenging but not impossible. Anglers are advised to focus on deeper waters, particularly around structures where crappies tend to gather. The water temperature has been fluctuating between 40-45 degrees Fahrenheit, which is typical for this time of the year. Despite the cold, the crappies appear to be active and biting, especially during warmer parts of the day. Baits of choice for successful anglers have been jigs, minnows and small plastics, with most crappies being caught in depths of 10-15 feet. Fishing around brush piles and drop-offs has been the most successful strategy. The use of fish finders is recommended due to the dispersed nature of crappies in the winter season. As the season progresses, the crappie activity is expected to increase, particularly as we approach the spawning season in the spring. Anglers can look forward to higher catch numbers and potentially larger sizes. Despite the challenging weather conditions, the crappie fishing on KY Lake this January has been productive and rewarding. With the right equipment, bait, and patience, anglers can expect a fruitful winter season. Stay safe on the water and happy fishing!